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Cloud Run Limits

Cloud run limits can be enabled via toggling the Disable new cloud runs when over included benefit option in the Billing UI.

This is enabled for free accounts. This is disabled by default for paid accounts, however can be re-enabled at any time.

How It Works

In the Billing UI, the "Cloud Runtime Included" card displays how much cloud execution time is available under the team's entitlement.

This entitlement is based on the number of users in the team and license. The hourly benefit is visible in the "Billing Cycle Cloud Runtime Benefit" card. Every hour, the "Runtime Benefit" is added into "Runtime included".

The Billing Cycle runs hourly.

When the Cloud Run Limit option is enabled

If the team exceeds the entitlement, no further cloud runs will be scheduled for execution until the "Cloud Runtime included" becomes positive.

Any currently executing cloud runs will continue execution until they are terminated. This can result in a limited overrun of the runtime benefit, depending on how the Concurrency Limit is defined.

When the Cloud Run Limit option is disabled

The license holder will be billed for any cloud runs that exceed this entitlement. The lowest amount that can be billed is one hour, so should the team only exceed the threshold by a fraction of this then any remaining amount will be added into the "Cloud Runtime Included" upon the next billing cycle.

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