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Sept 29, 2021

I am excited to announce that is entering into a public beta today at is a little different from other end-to-end testing solutions. It is built around the concept of record/replay test generation. The idea is that a user can open a web product in the dashboard application, and interact with a product's web UI to generate test steps. Once tests are created, they can be invoked (and results received) over a CLI by anyone in your team.

By building tests this way, can capture huge amounts of data about the underlying site to help an AI agent automatically maintain tests. Lots of information (screenshots, DOM hierarchy, box-model metadata, CSS metadata, etc) is captured about each element, such that reflow can almost always auto-heal test steps when they break. When that is not enough, reflow has a chrome-developer-tools-powered workflow to help anyone in your team rapidly debug, maintain and update tests.

When comparing, please consider:

  • Tests can be recorded and executed both locally (npm install -g reflowio) and in the cloud. Even when it runs locally, it uses a centralised test configuration database running on AWS. The same tests that a QA team builds and maintains can execute against both a locally running website, and an externally running website, parameterized by URL inside the test configuration. This enables high-velocity development teams to be sped up through outsourcing testing effort.
  • It is a no-code tool, meaning anyone in your organisation can contribute towards the testing effort.
  • It supports executing tests across all modern browsers. Once a test is recorded, it can be executed against Chromium, Firefox and WebKit.
  • It has visual regression support through screenshot comparison.

Current limitations of include:

  • Lack of smart DOM diffing capabilities; the visual regression feature is powered entirely by pixel comparison
  • Inability to record file upload/drag-and-drop interactions

Reflow is a passion product that I have been dreaming about for a long time. Good Software Testing is one of the cornerstones of a high velocity software team. Unfortunately, Good Software Testing can be a very time-consuming process; made worse because maintenance costs easily skyrocket as software grows in complexity. In 2016, I bought this domain but lacked the time to deeply invest into this concept. In 2020, I decided to go full-time and try and make the concept real as a solo dev/indie-hacker. Please reach out if you would like a demo.

Thomas Rooney

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